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CCTV and site wide WiFi

Aseiling, restricted access and confined space.

Specialist in fibre optic data transmission

Time-lapse video for Construction, demolition, workflow analysis.


Instrument control systems

Fully trained site personnel: CSCS

CCNSG, EMSS Lucas and Safe Contractor

Fibre optic cable installation and testing.

Communications for National Grid, EON, London Underground, Skanska, CB&I

Kent Computing have been challenged to provide innovative solutions to numerous Flag Ship Companies.

Site wide fibre installations to National Grid & EON. CCTV and Access control systems for high security sites. Radio installations, Site wide Network and Broadband services.

Time-lapse video for huge demolition and construction projects. Communication cabling for London Underground.

C&I DCS Controls and monitoring systems.

Dartford Tunnels Fibre network for Incident Detection Systems.


Besides regular PC and Network installation and support, Kent Computing provide full technical services in a variety of industries and hazardous working environments.

Full installation design and implementation services.